Things I made this weekend

Brett and I have done NO traveling in the month of March.

This was actually a conscious decision, since we both have a bit of work to complete (argh, manuscripts to finish) and we wanted to finally get the apartment completely squared away.  A few weekends at home after a lot of jet-setting has been really nice, and has given me a chance to work on some at-home type projects.

And the things I made this weekend were:


Everyone’s favorite sausage and sauerkraut dinner, choucroute;


egg carton drawer organizers (okay, so I didn’t MAKE the egg cartons, but I am pretty sure no one else EVER thought of this idea, and I did MAKE my drawer organized…);


a hat that makes a baby look like food (for my friend Kelly’s baby shower);


pom-pom flowers (my latest obsession, shown here on my new dressing table);


fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil risotto (made with homemade chicken stock of course);


cardamom-vanilla pound cake with strawberries macerated in balsamic vinegar and black pepper;


and vanilla extract from the leftover vanilla pods!

Imagine what I could have gotten down if I hadn’t written for an hour each day, practiced French, and exercised!


  1. Bex

    Oh my gosh, pompom flowers! I got on a pompom making kick a few months back with the yarn I got from you, actually. I was attaching them to everything I could think of, but I never thought of flowers. Oh Emily, how I wish your domestic goddess skills were closer to me so we could obsess over ridiculous crafts together.

  2. Bex

    P.S. I am making homemade Irish Creme now, and was actually just thinking of you and Chocovine.

  3. Debbie LuBien

    You always were the creative one–but “pom-pom” flowers?

  4. Emily

    HOMEMADE IRISH CREAM? Is that even POSSIBLE? Please send directions, that sounds unbelievable!! Like any dedicated crafter, now that I have heard of it, I want to try to make it! Do I need a leprechaun? Do you stomp them like grapes to get the precious Irish Cream?

  5. Emily

    And pom-pom flowers are SO awesome. All the fun and color of real flowers without the expense and the inevitable sadness of wilting. However, I do seem to have a little bit of a problem with anthropomorphizing them. The first one I made, a bright turquoise flower, didn’t really go with my decor, but I couldn’t bear to get rid of it, as I was certain that this would hurt its delicate pom-pomy feelings. So I convinced Brett to put it in his office instead. But I think it knows I abandoned it and I still feel a little bad. I love you, pom-pom flower!

  6. Amy

    Emily- I just caught up with your blog. I love it and the photos are wonderful. Sapna and Sivan have edible hats too…a watermelon and a mushroom. I usually think of margaritas or pizza when they wear them. Lots of love to you.

  7. “made with homemade chicken stock of course.” OF COURSE! I hope you know those quotes meant I was saying that in a mocking voice, you creative maven, you. All that food looks delicious!!!!!

  8. yvonne

    this is a madness indeed.

  9. Mama Hinke

    I am so impressed, way to go girl!

  10. Emily

    I made a pillow to cover our window seat this week, and had to resort to Stitch Witchery! GUH! If you can call that witchery…

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